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Winter Remedies for Dry Nails and Skin

At Salon Buzz we believe in year round care for both your nail and skin care regime. As the weather changes so does the moisture in our skin and believe it or not, the same is true for our nails. At first signs of a drop in temperature think deep hydration.


1. Nails need to be massaged with oils and nail moisturizers daily.  This provides strength and flexibility in the new nail growth, helping to eliminate dry, brittle nails.  Moisturizers cause nails become stronger and cuticles more conditioned. We no longer have to choose light shades for fear that our nails will peel and break.

2. Hand serums and salves both keep the moisture in our hands to eliminate harsh signs of winter dryness and provide an antioxidant, anti-aging barrier to more supple skin.  Apply after a shower to lock in the moisture.

3. Manicures and Pedicures during the winter months revitalize and stimulate the skin, providing a healthy smooth look and feel all winter long. Eliminate the scratchy flakey skin of the past.

Skin Care:

1. Preventing winter skin starts before the summer is over. We continue our SPF application even during the winter months. Apply it separately or add it into your moisturizer.

2. Winter moisturizing should be done in the morning and evening. Choose a moisturizer for your skin type and needs.

3. Remember to exfoliate, and then apply serums for deep hydration. They also help prevent the appearance of dry, fine lines that are so common in the winter months.

4. Don’t forget the eye area; there are many eye products for all skin types that keep skin around the eye area hydrated. These products help keep the eyes bright and supple.

5. Try a body mist or facial mist to freshen and hydrate the skin during the day, giving a supple winter glow.


SalonBuzz is dedicated to natural nail and skin health, using products that benefit and improve the moisture, texture and strength of both nails/skin by using Natural based products free of harsh chemicals.

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