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Winter 2012 Nail Trends

Nails are making a strong headway into the fashion and beauty world, establishing itself as a bold fashion statement that completes the entire look. For the first time ever, Intercoiffure featured nails as part of the organization earlier this month, and CND founder Jan Arnold described it as the “lipstick moment” for nails. The nail trends for the winter 2012 season give women a palette for creativity and experimentation, from color choice right down to the nail art and embellishments.

Sleek Length

Long nails are back in style, with Rihanna and Fergie sporting the length. Stretching a quarter to a half-inch past the fingertip, the almond shape of the lengthier nail adds elongation and sleekness to the hand, while giving nails the room for bold experimentation.

Deep, Bold Colors with Texture

We’re seeing shades such as burgundy, navy, seal and metallic, with colors coordinating with the hair color and makeup to create the total look.

Textures are in trend, whether it’s on top of the nail or part of the nail lacquer itself. Beads and crystal studs are popular embellishments for a dramatic effect. The addition of texture that has a stark contrast from the nail color creates a more popping, dramatic look, whereas a tone-on-tone embellishment gives off a more subtle effect. We’re also continuing to see shimmer and glitter that’s gently brushed across the nail. Natural earth materials – such as ground-up volcanic ash or mica – inside the nail lacquer are another form of nail texture for this winter. We saw this trend in fall, and it’s still current for winter.

Whichever color or texture you choose to wear on your nails, they should be personal and reflect your individuality. Nails are a true fashion accessory, so take the liberty to experiment and try a new color or texture this season and express yourself this winter season.

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