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Vintage Makes a Comeback: The Rockabilly – Part 2 of 2

(See Part 1 to learn how the rockabilly came about.)

The Modern Twist

The rockabilly hairstyle continues to influence hairstyles today, from social events to everyday wear. On the red carpet, you’ll see celebrities with their hair pushed back at the front, sometimes a little bit tight or looser to give a bit of volume, and nice and straight in the back. Anything that comes off the forehead like that has the similarity to the rockabilly hairstyle. Stars might also backcomb the hair and use hairspray rather than grease it back. There are lots of little variations, whether it’s backcombing in the front and making the front very tight or loose. These styles are classics. They look especially good on runways where the style can become a bit more elaborate – but they can also be adapted for day to day wear. The variation of the rockabilly cut and the products people use can create the look for everyday wear. If you have a pompadour, usually you’ve got a wardrobe that goes with it, such as a pair of brothel creepers and a crepe shirt. But sometimes you can have the pompadour without the typical plaid shirt. You can see the rockabilly cut with short sides and backs and longer top, completed with a business suit for a sleek professional look.

Rock On

The rockabilly is for those who are adventurous, for those who want to challenge the boundaries of societal norms. The look can be adapted to fit each person’s individual lifestyle and personality. The idea behind the cut can be the same, but the actuality of the performance and the application – that’s what makes the style different.

Salon Buzz_Christina Aguilera Rihanna Kim Kardashian Pompadour Rockabilly for Women

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