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Valentine’s Day Hairstyles: Sweet Innocence

This season, texture is in. With a lot of loose waves and curls, hair trends are inspiring a sweet, romantic look just in time for Valentine’s Day. Hair is no longer about high glam and big volume. Instead, they’re more carefree, giving off an innocent vibe to the overall look.

Three of my favorite Valentine’s Day looks are the long, loose curls, messy braids, and the Grace Kelly bun.

Long, Loose Waves

Rather than giving off a lot of volume and bounce, waves are loose and soft to look more natural. Waves also add movement to the hair and give off a sexy, feminine aura.

Messy Braids

The SAG awards showed us several variations of braids. Loosely twisted, these braids are chic and playful, serving as the perfect complement to any hairstyle. Worn across the crown or on the sides, braids add a touch of sophistication to a low bun or long, wavy hair.

Grace Kelly Bun

The classic Grace Kelly bun makes a comeback this season with a softer, more modern version. The slight volume and wavy texture at the top add the modern twist, and wisps of hair naturally come out for a casual look. Katherine Heigl definitely brings out classic beauty and confidence with this look, especially with the red dress.

Photo Credits: Total Beauty, OneWedWill Blog for Beauty

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