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Toying with Textures: Mixing and Matching to Create a Signature Look

Toying with Textures: Mixing and Matching to Create a Signature Look

One of the season’s most daring–and most fun–looks is multi-textured hair, which has been seen in hair and fashion shows throughout the world this fall. For many people, the idea of pairing curly and straight hair is similar to the concept of wearing an outfit of paisleys and plaids;  it might “pop” on a runway model, but has the opposite effect in everyday life. The current trend of mixing hair textures however is something any woman can pull off with confidence and style. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite multi-textured looks of the season as a starting point, but feel free to let your imagination run wild and work with your Salon Buzz Stylist to create a one-of-a-kind style statement for fall and winter.



Refined Meets Relaxed: This look, as seen at the Bottega Veneta runway show this fall, contrasts control with unbridled personality, and recalls classic looks from the 1970s and 1940s. Perfect for women with medium to longer hair, the look is created by smoothing and straightening the hair at the crown, securing with pins or clips, and letting big curls and waves take center stage. If you have bangs, you can straighten them across your face for an even more striking difference. Your Salon Buzz Stylist can help you determine the correct amount of product to use (which can make or break this style) and whether you’d prefer your curls to stay on the more-polished side or completely brushed-out, giving off a soft effect that stands out from the crowd and begs to be touched.



Primped and Crimped: This fall, the crimped look got away from the 1980s and into the 21st century. Rather than crimping the entire head of hair, stylists expertly worked in crimped sections with sleeker, blown-out sections to create a volumizing, eye-catching look. The look works for hair of all lengths, and your Salon Buzz Stylist can work with you to create a look that is free-flowing; alternating  crimped and straightened sections, formal; framing the face with polished sections, and crimping the layers of hair underneath, or in a lightly crimped bun or chignon, as seen at Zac Posen’s show this fall.


Tough Touch: The wet/dry trend that stirred up the fashion scene earlier this year is back in full-effect this fall. Slicking back the hair from the face and then keeping the hair’s soft, natural texture through the ends toys with the ideas of masculine and feminine style–especially when paired with androgynous fashions such as the ones seen at this recent runway show by Roberto Cavalli. This style works great to add an edge to your office wear, or to make an impression at a party.


This fall, let your adventurous side take over and mix and match various hair textures to delight. Take your cue from these featured hairstyles, or consult your Salon Buzz Stylist for more ideas to make the dual hair trend work for you.