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The Wow Factor: Considering the Client’s Point of View

When clients walk into the salon, they come to us for three reasons: 1) to have a short escape from their daily hustle and bustle, 2) to get the latest look that represents them, and 3) to gain an extra boost of confidence as they leave the salon. Clients have certain expectations when they enter a salon, and their experience is based on not just a haircut, but made up of everything they see and hear around them. And it’s our responsibility to deliver a “wow factor” experience for the client from the moment they enter the salon to the moment they step out.

To create that wow factor, we have to consider things from the client’s point of view. What are they feeling when they come in? What do they hear, see and smell? Our sensors are attached to our emotions, making up our experience and it’s important to keep these senses in mind. From the sight of in-salon visuals to the sound of the chatter between stylist and client, from the scent of the salon to the feeling of picking up a product – these things all contribute to the client’s experience at the salon.

Most importantly, the one-on-one interaction between the client and stylist will contribute the most to the client’s overall salon experience. Clients want to come to someone who will give them 100% attention. That means on our end, as stylists, we need to have fun with what we do and truly commit to our craft, and that positive energy and commitment will be passed on to the client.

Clients aren’t coming into the salon to merely recharge their batteries. They’re here to get something – a feeling, an experience, a sense of confidence – that will carry on with them even after they leave the doors. When we pay attention to these sensory details from the client’s perspective and focus on keeping a consistent, positive attitude, we will successfully create a wow factor for the client.

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