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The Power of the Color Red

The color red – we see it everywhere in pop culture, fashion and beauty. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, the color of romance is more present than ever from red roses to a red box of chocolates. Red is undoubtedly a powerful color, and I wanted to look deeper into its meaning and bring it to light.

We most commonly identify red with love and beauty, and I like to believe that this association had roots in Greek mythology. In ancient Greece, the color red symbolized love, and the red rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

But beyond love and romance, red is also a symbol of confidence and power. It’s intense enough to strike a reaction, and the color never fails to command respect. Those who wear red are perceived as more attractive, and theaters and movies show striking women in red to draw attention. From the red carpet to Louboutin’s signature red-soled shoes, red also empowers the woman or man with self-esteem and sexiness.

This month, add a splash of red into your life. For Valentine’s Day, reveal your romantic side with red lipstick and nail polish. But red doesn’t have to be exclusive for just Valentine’s Day. Couple a pair of red heels with a chic red dress for the next time you go out to make heads turn. However you choose to wear red, it’ll spice up your look and give you that extra dose of confidence to stay sexy and gorgeous.

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