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The Greens of Springs

There’s no color that better defines spring than green. Green is the symbol of life and new beginnings, and has been attributed to making those who see it feel relaxed and refreshed. Try it yourself; slip into a soft green sweater, sweep an emerald-hued eyeshadow across your lids, or simply sip on a beverage flavored with fresh mint or cucumber, and see if it doesn’t put you in a happier, calmer mood.

The sheer variety of green found in nature means that there are shades to flatter every skin tone, a fact that is not lost among style experts. For Spring 2013, many of the industry’s top designers made green a focal point of their ready-to-wear collections, incorporating the color into everything from belts to ballgowns in tones ranging from earthy grasses to cool jades. These runway looks were further defined with perfect hairstyles that exemplified the mood and attitude characteristic of their outfit’s chromatic tone. Take a look at some of our favorite combinations, and consider “going green” yourself.


With its bluish undertones, seafoam is one of the most feminine shades of light green. For his Spring ‘13 collection designer Zac Posen chose seaform for a selection of exquisite, curve-hugging ballgowns that brought an adult elegance to those childhood fantasies of being a mermaid princess (above left). For the runway look shown in this photo, the model’s hair was styled to mimic the shape of the dress and its aqua inspiration; smoothed and contoured around the face, complemented by a sleek center part, and feminine waves flowing down her back.


This bright, cheery color never fails to make a statement, and this spring it has proven extremely versatile for what many consider to be a hard-to-wear green. Lime showed up on the runways in characteristically eye-popping variations such as this floor-length dress (above center) by Diane von Furstenberg and a full suit in Gucci’s men’s collection. Adding to her vibrant, easygoing look, von Fusternberg’s model sports a natural blow-dried look that would look gorgeous while softly blowing in a spring breeze.

Nature Prints

Designers such as Kenzo revitalized the nature print trend with vibrant, green-based safari-inspired patterns in unexpected forms such as this pant suit by Kenzo that is doubly-patterned with a geometric wave, creating an unusual, deconstructed look. This model’s hair echoes the bold, independent attitude her green, patterned outfit suggests with chic, yet slightly unpolished hair finished with an off-center part.

Whether you’re daring and adventurous, positive and cheerful, or calm and earthy, the right hairstyle combined with one of spring’s most stylish shades of green will showcase your personality, inner and outer beauty, and dazzle everyone around you.