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Couture Look: Frizz

Salon Buzz_Frizz Rick Rack Hair

From blunt bangs to big hair, the ’70s are back in style. The rick-rack look, created by Orlando Pita, is too big to miss. The frizzed-out look makes a bold return to the fashion trend nearly 40 years later by serving as inspiration for fashion designs, and fashion shows are touting the hair all over the runway.

Inspiration for Fashion

Although the rickrack style draws in attention, it’s meant to act more as an accessory, rather than the focal point, to the overall fashion look. For instance, in the Christian Dior fall couture show, the fashion concept was to show the idea of being in the process of getting dressed. Similar to the clothing, the hair also had a dressed-undressed look, where one part of the hair was dressed with a French twist, and the other part was wild and unruly. And the spring and summer 2011 fashion shows such as Marc Jacobs and John Galliano are also sporting the look.

Rickracking the Hair

The name “rick rack” comes from the process of rickracking the hair in small square sections. Hair is wrapped around large hair pins in the pattern of a figure 8 and then pressed with a flat iron. Once the hair cools down, the pins are removed and the hair is separated using fingers. Combing the hair helps create volume and frizz. Often, multiple hairpieces are added to exaggerate the frizz.

Photo Credit: Fashion Gossip 10