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Texture and Fullness: Curl & Wave

The trend for this spring and summer is how you style your hair. It’s no longer about the length; instead, it’s about a lot of fullness – texture, waves and curls – which sometimes can translate to something very feminine, sexy and pretty.

The Curly Hair Image

Curly hair stands out and has a sense of femininity, very sexy.

When I picture curly hair, I always picture a woman smiling and having a good time with her loose waves moving around. I think it’s a feel-good type of hair, where you feel good about yourself.

Depending on how you style and take care of your hair, there are two attitudes that go along with curls and waves. For longer hair, where it’s wavy, softer, more of a beach-type texture – especially when a woman has naturally curly hair, I see a kind of carefree, natural look. For fuller hair with tighter curls, almost an afro look, I believe that’s someone who’s powerful and confident; someone who cares about herself and wants to be noticed and draws attention. For someone to wear a tight curl, it takes a great amount of confidence to pull it together and say, “I know I look good this way.” A woman with tight curls, she’s a diva, there’s no question about it.

A Spectrum of Curls

This season, you can expect to see a wide spectrum of curls, from loose to very tight. You’ll see a lot of different texture, not just one look. Really tight curls, almost round as if it were to be an afro, I think that’s beautiful. Or hair that’s overlayered with a lot of different textures and curls to it. For loose curls, I see them more in mid-length, shoulder-length hair. If it’s going to be a tighter curl, I see it as shoulder-length or shorter.

And curls are not age-constricting. A young woman can do it, and a person of age can do it as well. It all depends n the individual’s personality, face, quality of their hair and their style.

Curls and Fashion

Trends always get picked up by the couture world, what’s happening, what kind of textures in the fabrics are we going to see, what kind of lines in the hair we’re going to see. If you see something that opens up in the bottom, something with flair, you can’t just go with a straight haircut because it’s really going to throw off the look. It kind of has to follow the styles that you’re seeing.

The fashion look I see with curly hair is very couture. The really tight curl or wavy hair can go many different ways. It can go with a beautiful couture gown, and also in a power suit. I can also see curls with more of a Bohemian flair with layered, flowing clothes.