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The Greens of Springs

There’s no color that better defines spring than green. Green is the symbol of life and new beginnings, and has been attributed to making those who see it feel relaxed and refreshed. Try it yourself; slip into a soft green sweater, sweep an emerald-hued eyeshadow […]

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Lauren Bacall: A True Original

Lauren Bacall, best known for her deep, husky voice, was also an icon for her sultry looks on the silver screen. Portraying various roles from film noir to comedy to musicals, Lauren’s image on the screen and stage immortalized her signature hairstyle. She first caught the […]

Jean Harlow: Platinum with a Punch

Now referred to as the original “blonde bombshell,” Jean Harlow crossed paths with the infamous Howard Hughes and signed a film contract with him. Harlow became a platinum blonde when the color was first released in 1931, and soon after she started the finger wave associated […]

Rita Hayworth: Ravishing Red

Nicknamed the Love Goddess, actress and dancer Rita Hayworth illuminated the silver screen in the 1940s. She came to Hollywood as a teen and got her start typecast as the exotic foreigner, and then became the happy-go-lucky dancing girl—and was the first dancer to be […]

Jim Morrison: Writhing Waves

Known for his swoon-worthy charisma and rebellious antics, Jim Morrison was a sex symbol of the late 1960s who has since become an icon. He was a poet, songwriter, filmmaker, and lead singer of the Doors, a psychedelic rock band out of Los Angeles that […]

Meg Ryan: Sweetheart Shag

When you think of classic, wavy, blonde hair Meg Ryan must top your list; born Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra, she started her career in 1982 by joining the cast of the soap opera As the World Turns. And by 1989, she became America’s sweetheart—and […]

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Creating the Right Look: Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

When deciding on the right hairstyle, each client’s face shape is just as important to take into account as her individual personality and style. As stylists, we create hairstyles that help transform clients’ faces into the perfect shape. Since ancient Greek times, beauty was attributed […]