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Still Groovy – 70’s Hair

Building off the counter culture movements of the late 60s, the 70s were an amazing time for style, with the icons of the decade drawing from a variety of scenes and culturs to develop their own personal look. Hair was its biggest and boldest during […]

The Blonde Venus: Marlene Dietrich

Glamorous. Sensual. Confident. Intelligent. These are attributes embodied by our latest “Stay Gorgeous” style icon, Marlene Dietrich. This German-born actress became one of the biggest stars and most fascinating personalities of the 20th century by virtue of her talent, stunning looks, and bold, individualistic lifestyle […]

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Personal Style Part 1: Own the Look

Defining your unique style first comes from within. It requires understanding your own sense of style and exhibiting confidence with your individuality. By staying true to your own style, you can then exhibit that confidence on the outside. This week, we spotlight three fashion icons […]