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Staying Gorgeous: Taking Care of Ourselves

Part of the “stay gorgeous” lifestyle consists of taking time to wind down to take care of ourselves. And we commonly use the phrase “Take care” to others. But what does it mean to truly take care of ourselves? For me, I believe the term […]

Hair Extensions: Instant Length, Volume and Confidence

For women who are looking for an instant transformation, hair extensions give a feminine, glamorous change while bringing new life to the hair. By seamlessly blending in with the client’s existing hair, extensions are a safe, non-invasive enhancement that give hair the substance and texture […]

Corri McFadden eDrop-Off_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Corri McFadden: Ambassador of the Gorgeous Lifestyle

Inspirations for staying gorgeous can come from anywhere, whether it be from a celebrity’s latest hairstyle or an individual’s fashion sense, and each of these inspirations help shape our lifestyle to make us more gorgeous. One of our clients at Salon Buzz (who’s also a […]

Red Color of Romance and Love_Salon Buzz

The Power of the Color Red

The color red – we see it everywhere in pop culture, fashion and beauty. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, the color of romance is more present than ever from red roses to a red box of chocolates. Red is undoubtedly a powerful color, and […]