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New Trends: Men’s Hair

Hair is no longer just for women to care about. Men’s hair is growing in importance, as seen by the growing retail industry for men’s products. There are now just as many hair products for men! Hair isn’t just about perfection – the rise in […]

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Men Who Know What They Want, Want Polished Hair

Last winter we noted how polished hairstyles for men had made a comeback for red carpet events such as the 55th Grammy Awards. After years of shaggy, spiky, and other free-flowing styles, men who adopted refined, well-groomed hairstyles not only stood out from the crowd; they […]


The Gatsby Referendum: Menswear Re-Awakening

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott-Fitzgerald’s fictional character, carried impeccable style presence, and Robert Redford brought the character to life in the 1974 original film version without fail. The story unfolds in the fall of 1922, post WWI, during the celebratory roaring twenties, which presented a […]