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Sam McKnight: The Original Session Stylist

Through Sam Knight’s iconic work with countless celebrities, models and designers, Sam established himself as the original “session stylist.” In the world of fashion where looks come and go, his groundbreaking work establishes itself as a permanent fixture in the industry. I respect Sam for […]

Robert Lobetta_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Robert Lobetta: Visionary Mind

As a young hairdresser, I remember waiting in line to see the Sebastien hair show to see Robert Lobetta’s work. Robert has explored and succeeded in several artistic paths – as a hairdresser, salon owner, an artist, a director, a photographer – and I respect […]

Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo_Women's Fashion_Salon Buzz

Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion Revolutionary

During his 40 years of fashion design, Yves Saint Laurent made his mark in the fashion world by reinventing the concept of womenswear. He captured the evolving role of women in the 60s by taking elements of menswear into women’s clothing, empowering them with clothing […]

Birth of a Bombshell

Artisans emerge and evolve based on ideas and images of inspiration unique to them. For Pablo Picasso, the most famous painter in his own lifetime, and many others, there was (Lydia) Sylvette David. Sylvette was a 19 year old Parisian girl who inspired Picasso’s 40 […]

Street Fashion: Breaking Out Individuality

As much as I, along other hairdressers and fashion designers, find new ideas from collections on the runway, we also look to street fashion to see what’s next. Especially for hairdressers, we are always in search of the next new thing when working with a […]

Richard Avedon: Capturing Raw Beauty

Richard Avedon’s photography is easily recognized by his signature style, where subjects are in front of a stark white backdrop, looking squarely into the camera. For almost 50 years, he took photos of beautiful women for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and later photographed intellectuals, artists […]

A Tribute to the Salon Buzz Team

With the end of the year coming up, I want to thank everyone in the Salon Buzz team who has made 2011 a great year for me and the company. A few years ago, I came across a quote by Proctor & Gamble CEO Richard […]