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The Eyes Have It: Spring Sunglasses For Every Hairstyle

Most women already take the shape of their face and personal style into consideration when shopping for sunglasses, but unless they regularly wear eyeglasses they may overlook a third important factor of determining the perfect pair: hair. The key word here is proportion: the face […]

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The Greens of Springs

There’s no color that better defines spring than green. Green is the symbol of life and new beginnings, and has been attributed to making those who see it feel relaxed and refreshed. Try it yourself; slip into a soft green sweater, sweep an emerald-hued eyeshadow […]

Be Gorgeous, Be Daring

Personal expression can be manifested through your outward appearance, where you have an open canvas to portray your individuality. The latest trending accessories are fashion statements for the ears. Diane Kruger, model and actress, is often seen as a traditional with classic, retro beauty in […]


The Gatsby Referendum: Menswear Re-Awakening

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott-Fitzgerald’s fictional character, carried impeccable style presence, and Robert Redford brought the character to life in the 1974 original film version without fail. The story unfolds in the fall of 1922, post WWI, during the celebratory roaring twenties, which presented a […]

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Personal Style Part 1: Own the Look

Defining your unique style first comes from within. It requires understanding your own sense of style and exhibiting confidence with your individuality. By staying true to your own style, you can then exhibit that confidence on the outside. This week, we spotlight three fashion icons […]

Braids: Effortless Style with an Edge

This spring/summer season, braids of all types are in. Similar to the “mashup” of elements we see in fashion – from color blocking to a mish-mash of prints – hair is also combining different textures within one look. Braids, which come from different ethnicities such […]

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From Inner to Outer Beauty: Nail Trends for 2012

With the arrival of the spring/summer season, it’s important more than ever to exfoliate the winter skin and have healthy, moisturized hands, feet and nails, since they’ll be more exposed without the winter gloves and boots. Hands act as an extension of ourselves, as we […]