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Stay Gorgeous: Winter Hats

Science has debunked the myth that 70% of one’s body heat can escape through the head, but as long as designers keep making gorgeous winter hats, we’ll keep shopping! Not only can the perfect hat keep you warm on a cold day, but it can […]

Sam McKnight: The Original Session Stylist

Through Sam Knight’s iconic work with countless celebrities, models and designers, Sam established himself as the original “session stylist.” In the world of fashion where looks come and go, his groundbreaking work establishes itself as a permanent fixture in the industry. I respect Sam for […]

Good Morning Gorgeous: Glamour Morning, Noon, & Night

Fashion designers debut an annual collection entitled “Resort Wear.” This is their opportunity to create a line that is fun, unique and glamorous, aside from the expected day and evening wear. True to its name, these looks are inspired by warmer climates. In addition to […]

Staying Gorgeous for the Holidays

We should always take the time to take care of ourselves all year round, but the upcoming holiday season takes us to a new level in preparing ourselves to look and feel our best. I had a chat with Connie Herrera, Salon Buzz’s Director of […]

Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo_Women's Fashion_Salon Buzz

Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion Revolutionary

During his 40 years of fashion design, Yves Saint Laurent made his mark in the fashion world by reinventing the concept of womenswear. He captured the evolving role of women in the 60s by taking elements of menswear into women’s clothing, empowering them with clothing […]

Braids: Effortless Style with an Edge

This spring/summer season, braids of all types are in. Similar to the “mashup” of elements we see in fashion – from color blocking to a mish-mash of prints – hair is also combining different textures within one look. Braids, which come from different ethnicities such […]

Vintage Makes a Comeback: The Rockabilly – Part 1 of 2

Rockabilly’s Rise to Fame The rockabilly hairstyle came about in the 1950s during the era of rock and roll with icons such as Elvis Presley sporting the style. But what made this style so popular was the era in itself. The 50s was a time […]