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Janet Jackson: Queen of Pop, Queen of Style

Janet Jackson transitioned from notoriety as child television star and the youngest member of the famous Jackson family in the 1970s to become a true icon in her own right. Starting with her 1986 breakthrough album Control, Jackson’s edgy, socially-aware pop music found favor with […]

Jane Fonda: Klute and Classy

Jane Fonda has acquired many titles such as actress, fashion model, political activist, and writer. She has been an important part of pop culture since the 1960s when she established herself as a sex symbol in the science fiction comedy Barbarella as the title character. […]

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Fall/Winter 2012 Hairstyles: Return to the Classics

Great trends are memorable, lasting in people’s minds even after the season has passed. And new trends draw upon the past, appearing again for the upcoming season with a new modern edge. This season is all about bringing back some of the classics hairstyles from […]

The Appeal of Pinup Hair

Pinup is a uniquely American art form that began to gain popularity in the 1900’s, and immediately influenced the way society saw beauty. The Pinup Girl concept was brought into the publishing and advertizing industry at a time where it could be viewed in magazines […]

Texture and Fullness: Curl & Wave

The trend for this spring and summer is how you style your hair. It’s no longer about the length; instead, it’s about a lot of fullness – texture, waves and curls – which sometimes can translate to something very feminine, sexy and pretty. The Curly Hair […]