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From Kitten to Classic: Ann-Margret

Swedish-born, Wilmette, Illinois-raised singer/actress/dancer/author Ann-Margret is famous for possessing duality of “good girl” and “bad girl” in one package. For her debut film, State Fair, the redhead’s voluptuous figure and striking charisma got her cast as glamorous band singer Emily, even though she had originally […]

Personal Style Part 2: Truth and Dare

(See Part 1.) Being aware of your personal style shows a sense of empowerment.  Bolstering this confidence are the daring women who, on occasion, reveal their other side. Here, for example, the woman above appears quite the different from the majority of her photos or […]

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Personal Style Part 1: Own the Look

Defining your unique style first comes from within. It requires understanding your own sense of style and exhibiting confidence with your individuality. By staying true to your own style, you can then exhibit that confidence on the outside. This week, we spotlight three fashion icons […]

Hair Extensions: Instant Length, Volume and Confidence

For women who are looking for an instant transformation, hair extensions give a feminine, glamorous change while bringing new life to the hair. By seamlessly blending in with the client’s existing hair, extensions are a safe, non-invasive enhancement that give hair the substance and texture […]

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Sophia Loren: Confidence with Style

Sophia Loren, silver screen goddess, has conquered innumerable looks for decades – and continues to be admired by men and women around the globe. Her characters have included the powerful, glamorous beauty in Two Nights With Cleopatra, your everyday, Italian villager in It Started in […]

Red Color of Romance and Love_Salon Buzz

The Power of the Color Red

The color red – we see it everywhere in pop culture, fashion and beauty. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, the color of romance is more present than ever from red roses to a red box of chocolates. Red is undoubtedly a powerful color, and […]