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Salon Buzz_Bo Derek Cornrows Braids

Bo Derek: Braided Beauty

Bo Derek became an instant sex symbol in 1979 when she co-starred in Blake Edward’s romantic comedy 10 with Dudley Moore, playing the object of his infatuation. During the 70s, when women wore big, pouffy hair along with dresses and jackets with equally big shoulder […]

Vintage Makes a Comeback: The Rockabilly – Part 2 of 2

(See Part 1 to learn how the rockabilly came about.) The Modern Twist The rockabilly hairstyle continues to influence hairstyles today, from social events to everyday wear. On the red carpet, you’ll see celebrities with their hair pushed back at the front, sometimes a little bit […]

The Appeal of Pinup Hair

Pinup is a uniquely American art form that began to gain popularity in the 1900’s, and immediately influenced the way society saw beauty. The Pinup Girl concept was brought into the publishing and advertizing industry at a time where it could be viewed in magazines […]