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Going to Great Lengths with Emma Watson

French-born, English actress Emma Watson came into the limelight for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series and over the years she has seamlessly transitioned from fresh-faced child star to become a highly-acclaimed actress as an adult. In addition to her […]

Louise Brooks: Bobbed and Brilliant

The star of seventeen silent films, her most famous being Pandora‚Äôs Box and Diary of a Lost Girl, Louise Brooks portrayed strong female characters that challenged the sexual mores of the time, as well as the norms of beauty and fashion. Prior to the 1920s, […]

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A Polished Interpretation: The Faux Bob

The bob is a timeless haircut, originating from the flapper hairstyle of the 20s and resurfacing with multiple variations throughout the years. Recently, the faux bob has caught our attention. The faux bob is essentially a polished interpretation of the bob, where long hair is […]

A Bob with Posh: The Pob

The bob has been around for decades, first popularized in the 20s and re-emerging in the 60s with stars such as Twiggy and Mary Quant. In 2006, Victoria Beckham (then better known as Posh Spice) reinvented the bob by adding a modern edge to the […]