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Aesthetic Euphoria

Beauty, like visual art, is subjective, and it holds the power to impact us in its many forms. We can see, feel or even hear beauty, instilling within us a sense of curiosity, satisfaction or appreciation. A Time to Reflect   Julian Wolkenstein created a […]

Raw Juice_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Gorgeous is as gorgeous does; Raw juice does a body very good!

Raw juice is an excellent means toward inner and outer radiance while delivering vital nutrients the body craves.  It is not a fad or a diet, – as it can easily be added to any daily routine.  Raw juice is significantly more nourishing for the […]

Francois Nars Makeup Artist_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Francois Nars: Redefining Beauty through Makeup

Having been a part of several fashion shows and photoshoots, I know that hair alone can’t make the model. Equally important is the makeup that helps complete the overall look, and Francois Nars is a makeup legend whom I respect. His technical skills and creative […]

Red Color of Romance and Love_Salon Buzz

The Power of the Color Red

The color red – we see it everywhere in pop culture, fashion and beauty. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, the color of romance is more present than ever from red roses to a red box of chocolates. Red is undoubtedly a powerful color, and […]

Richard Avedon: Capturing Raw Beauty

Richard Avedon’s photography is easily recognized by his signature style, where subjects are in front of a stark white backdrop, looking squarely into the camera. For almost 50 years, he took photos of beautiful women for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and later photographed intellectuals, artists […]