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Street Fashion: Breaking Out Individuality

As much as I, along other hairdressers and fashion designers, find new ideas from collections on the runway, we also look to street fashion to see what’s next. Especially for hairdressers, we are always in search of the next new thing when working with a fashion designer. Seeking inspiration in street fashion is motivational and important to seek out. For me, the fact that street fashion is undefined, daring and risky makes it exciting and opens up the gates of creativity.

When I think of street fashion, I see it as an expression of an individual or a group. It doesn’t have a set definition, and that’s why young individuals sport it. Unlike pret a porter or haute couture, which are still confined to factors such as fabric selection, emerging trends or social aspects, those who wear street fashion have no boundaries. Each person has complete freedom to find the appropriate clothing based on how they envision themselves, and what kind of appeal they’re looking for. Without being bound to any rules, they are able to take risks and make a statement for themselves.

All throughout history, the most popular trends have had roots in street fashion. Whether it be cargo pants to hip hop, rockabilly to leather jackets, it has always been the individuals who first took on those styles. It was only until the big name designers picked them up that those styles became mainstream.

I admire the individuals who aren’t afraid to break out of the norm and try new things. They have such creativity, and I get inspiration from their street fashion and adapt that inspiration into something that’s more mainstream and in line with the Salon Buzz brand and image.

It’s essential that I transform the inspiration into hair is wearable, approachable and versatile to fit different styles and moods. For example, if I saw big volume and texture, how can I keep those elements, yet keep the hair sophisticated and exciting for the client? Just as street fashion shows the individual’s boldness and character, the hair inspiration I take away from street fashion should give my client confidence and personality as well. Ultimately, how I adapt street fashion to the salon will depend largely on who the client is.

Those who create inspiration are those who are inspired themselves. They have a true vision of who they want to be, and they’re willing to take risks to express themselves through their own style. And because of that individuality and unbound imagination in street fashion, I consider it one of the most interesting places to look for fresh inspiration.

Photo Credit: The Fashion DirectoriesStyle.com