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Staying Gorgeous: Taking Care of Ourselves

Part of the “stay gorgeous” lifestyle consists of taking time to wind down to take care of ourselves. And we commonly use the phrase “Take care” to others. But what does it mean to truly take care of ourselves?
For me, I believe the term “taking care of ourselves” goes deeper than treating ourselves to a nice massage or getting a new look. Those can definitely be a part of the concept of “taking care,” but I think the concept is first and foremost rooted in having a positive attitude, such as confidence or optimism. How we think on the inside affects our actions, perceptions and our overall persona that will project on the outside towards others.
With a strong foundation of inner positivity in place, the next step is to take aside time for ourselves and enjoy the alone time. We live in a world of quick information where everything moves quickly, and we’re constantly pulled in every direction. With information overload and the demands of the daily hustle and bustle, we get so bogged down, throwing off our inner compass. By spending some alone time, we can clear the mind of the day’s clutter, freshen our thought process and instill that inner balance.
The time for ourselves can also be used to positively stimulate our mind, doing things that inspire good thought or positive thinking, things that give us the drive to reach our goals. A positive stimulation of the mind triggers everything, from how we perform at our tasks to how we interact with others. I once heard a quote, “If we all take just 10% of our earnings and invest it in ourselves by continuing to educate ourselves, imagine how much more earning potential we would have.” We need to allow ourselves to grow, explore and learn new things.
The combination of confidence, optimism and a healthy stimulation of the mind create the formula for living the “gorgeous lifestyle,” which can come in different shapes and forms of success, from holding a positive influence towards ourselves to beccoming an innovator or thought leader for others. In many cases, people have the ample doses of mind stimulation, but some lack the confidence and optimism to push forward and make something out of their knowledge.
In the end, taking care requires giving ourselves what we really need for ourselves. It’s seeking out that window of alone time and using it to not only clear your mind from the daily clutter, but to explore what’s interesting for us. It requires the confidence to explore and express our interests – and ultimately our individuality.
We all have an internal compass, and taking good care of ourselves properly balances that compass. When we take the time to care for ourselves and instill a sense of inner positivity, we project that positivity on the outside, radiating our beauty. Staying gorgeous is not about having the most physically balanced looking face or about the way you dress – gorgeousness is a way of life. We are a manifestation of our thoughts, which is rooted in having a healthy state of mind that comes from taking care of the inner pieces and being completely connected and true to it. Only after we’ve taken time for ourselves can we be better for not just ourselves but to others around us, and we will find ourselves in a place that others can appreciate and find attractive.
Stay curious, stay inspired and always stay gorgeous.