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Staying Gorgeous for the Holidays

We should always take the time to take care of ourselves all year round, but the upcoming holiday season takes us to a new level in preparing ourselves to look and feel our best. I had a chat with Connie Herrera, Salon Buzz’s Director of Beauty Services, to share what it means to stay gorgeous for the holidays.

AZ: Holiday season triggers us to look our absolute best, bringing us out of our everyday casual mode to go beyond our daily routines, with all the events and parties where we’re going to want to look our best.

CH: In our already fast-paced world, we don’t want to rush to look good the last minute, so we take the extra time to prepare ourselves for all the holiday events and parties, including those spontaneous gatherings. Whether it’s a casual or dressed-up event, we want to be ready.

AZ: And by being ready, we’re talking about coordinating your entire look, from your outfit and shoes to your hair, makeup and nails.

CH: It’s so important that we consider hair, makeup and nails as part of the complete “package.” Especially our nails – they’re like the extra accessory that allows us to feel dressed up and special while giving ourselves the opportunity to express yourself.

AZ: Paying extra care and attention to our hair, makeup and nails gives a polished, finishing touch to our overall look and also enhances the outfit we’re wearing. And all of this leads to feeling good about ourselves.

CH: Absolutely. The holidays are a festive time where we should have positive vibes about ourselves, our family and everyone around us.

AZ: If you look good, you feel good, not to mention looking and feeling good helps get rid of those holiday blues. And especially during a time when we’re all celebrating something that we believe in, that’s important to us, we can honor this special occasion and pay respect to it by looking our best. It’s a time for us to be happy, appreciative and thankful and what better way to celebrate than to put our best forward and look our best?


As the holidays come up, give yourself the time, attention and care you need and deserve. Plan your outfits and be sure to get your hair, makeup and nails done to complete your entire look. Channel your inner gorgeousness by looking and feeling good as you celebrate these special times.

Photo Credit: The Glamorous Life