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Sophia Loren: Confidence with Style

Sophia Loren, silver screen goddess, has conquered innumerable looks for decades – and continues to be admired by men and women around the globe. Her characters have included the powerful, glamorous beauty in Two Nights With Cleopatra, your everyday, Italian villager in It Started in Naples, the hot blooded step-mother in Desire Under the Elms, the wayward nanny in Houseboat, and the sexy, countryside neighbor in Grumpier Old Men. Her characters embody confidence, determination, and self perseverance.

Imagine letting go of your self doubt and allow yourself to be Cleopatra for the weekend. It is easy to go with the flow and stay in your comfort zone, often for longer than we realize. Choose a character you admire and embellish your hair and makeup routine. It need only be a change in style or a lipstick shade… ultimately raising the bar to a bold new cut, or a striking new hair color. Taking a few steps toward a temporary outward change could very easily result in a satisfying, empowering change on the inside you have overlooked.

I believe anyone will gain confidence with a short style, as featured here.  This look is extremely hot – the hair itself and especially the confidence you will exude as you carry yourself. The unkempt style is achievable with curly and straight textures, and its low maintenance will make you feel carefree and you will most certainly stand out in a crowd. Prepare yourself!

You need not limit yourself to only one character, as we will uncover more adventurous bombshells in weeks to come.

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