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Sam McKnight: The Original Session Stylist

Through Sam Knight’s iconic work with countless celebrities, models and designers, Sam established himself as the original “session stylist.” In the world of fashion where looks come and go, his groundbreaking work establishes itself as a permanent fixture in the industry.

I respect Sam for his creative vision, as he’s raised the bar on the standards of hairstyling, as he was responsible for paving a new path for the fashion and hair. Inspired by Twiggy’s dramatic pixie, Sam gave model Agyness Deyn a sharper look by transforming her shoulder-length hair into a radical platinum-blonde cut. Known as “The Aggy,” it was credited to being on the same level of popularity and demand as “The Rachel.” Sam also created Princess Diana’s iconic hair with her slicked-back crop, Madonna’s white-blonde curls for the cover of her album Bedtime Storiesand hairstyles of supermodels who graced several magazine covers including Vogue and British Vogue.

Sam put his name at the forefront of the fashion industry through his work on campaigns and shows for luxury designers like Prada, Gucci and Giorgio Armani. Working with supermodels like Kate Moss and Anna Molinari, he redefined how we perceive beauty and hair today.

Sam’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed – he’s the Global Ambassador for Pantene as well as the recipient of the prestigious Venus award in New York and Paris. He has earned respect from the top designers, journalists and photographers around the world, and his unforgettable work serves as a huge source of inspiration for how I approach hair and beauty.

Photo Credit: Sam McKnight, Hairstyles Secrets Revealed, Baubles, Bubbles & Bags