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Refreshing Summer Styles

We saw a lot of marriage last year of polished and casual summer hairstyles, but this season we’re seeing less combination. It’s either sleek, or beach-y looking hair. These two hot summer looks are inspired by the cooling effects of water, but they take concept in very different directions. If you want to express your love of summer through your hair, either of these styles could be a great way to go:

Sleek and Summery

The wet look,” or gelled hairstyles, have been very popular this year. They give their wearers a clean look like you just got out of the shower, pushed your hair back, and look fantastic. This easy-to-style look works for any length of hair and can be incorporated into ponytails or  buns or simply combing by your hair away from your face. Gelled hair can be a great choice for an outdoor evening occasion, it’s the attempt of making hair look more finished but still having a summery, refreshing look to it. In this red carpet photo, for example, Anna Paquin’s slicked-back tresses give her an added air of glam and put emphasis on her striking eyes and bone structure.

Anna Paquin wet gelled back hair_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Beach Beautiful

One of the biggest trends in hairstyles this summer is salon-quality locks that look like they’ve come fresh-from-the-beach. In 2013, many manufacturers came out with “surf sprays,” a misty product which uses a salt-water base and often includes natural additives such as kelp extract and argan oils to recreate the carefree tousles and textures that take shape when hair air dries after a dip in the ocean. Salt sprays allow the stylist or home user more control of their waves than styling after a swim, and give the hair a casually chic matte finish, such as in the model pictured below.The demand for beach-inspired products can also be found in seasonally-scented shampoos and conditioners such as pineapple, coconut, and tropical flowers.

salt water beachy waves_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous
Whether you’re heading to a laid-back barbeque on the lakefront, or an elegant patio affair, try one of these looks to give your summer a little extra romance and style.

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