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Personal Style Part 3: Captivate with Scent, Reminisce, Repeat

The Power of Scents

The body’s sense of olfaction, or smell, is a powerful and magnificent instrument. Of the five senses, only scent and taste are processed and stored in memory upon contact. As we are overwhelmed with sight, touch, and sound, they fade into the periphery and are sometimes lost as a fleeting moment.

We tend to associate our memories with scent more than any other sense. A hint of a familiar scent will awaken any related memory, even the ones we can’t recall just by thinking about it. Researchers note that it is the emotion which surfaces, triggered by ambient aroma, that is of great importance. Our mind’s present memories associated with scents as happy and pleasant, making our olfactory perception an important element of who we are as people and how we are perceived by others.

Our desire and ability to bear a unique and personal scent is of great value to one’s overall persona.  A fragrance study conducted by L’Oreal Canada, including 2,000 women, revealed that 49% who wear fragrance feel highly self-assured and 64% wearing a fragrance claimed it “makes them feel special.” “Forty-six percent of women said that they don’t feel fully dressed until they put on their fragrance,” says Marie Josée Lamothe, Chief Marketing & Operating Manager of L’Oreal Canada.

Seasonal Changes: Choosing a Personal Scent

Summer has quickly faded, along with the sweet and carefree aromatics of cut grass and dining al fresco.  Fall is the perfect opportunity to discover a new fragrance. The lingering warm breezes of Summer and the naturally evolving foliage is complimented by heavier notes of warm vanilla, vibrant cedar, lustrous musk, citrusy bergamot, or sultry vetiver.  Cold weather and long nights call for a fragrance that is richer and deeper than the whimsical summer type.  The search may not be easy, but when the right one is discovered, it will be obvious and worth the wait.

Choosing a fragrance is a bit like choosing your own adventure; be it innocent, aggressive, or mysterious.  The odds are in favor of feeling confident, special, and outright gorgeous.  Not to mention: the memories that follow will be priceless.

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