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Peek-a-Boo with a Bang

Veronica Lake became famous in the 1940s for her roles in Sullivan’s Travels and American film Noir movies such as The Blue Dahlia. But she is most famous for her image; that of a femme fatale with her hair always covering one eye and sleek waves splashing down over her shoulders. John Farrow, director of Sorority House (her first film), is credited with noticing that her hair always covered her right eye, which he thought created an air of mystery about the young girl. The peek-a-boo bang hairstyle became one of the most popular and imitated of the 1940s, and pinup fashion to this day. One of the most iconic and sensual cartoon characters, Jessica Rabbit, was even modeled after Lake, further solidifying her role as an icon.

In the past year we have seen many celebrities mimicking her look. Kate Winslet turned heads at the 2010 Oscars, and Vogue paid tribute to Veronica Lake on their April and May covers this year. April displayed Rihanna with the Jessica Rabbit version of Lake’s hair, and May presented Reese Witherspoon with a shorter blonde wave to one side in Lake fashion. LA Times Magazine released a special Noir issue this April featuring Evan Rachel Wood paying homage to Veronica Lake in a special photo spread, proving that Lake will forever be the epitome of sensual beauty and the ultimate femme fatale.