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New Trends: Men’s Hair

Hair is no longer just for women to care about. Men’s hair is growing in importance, as seen by the growing retail industry for men’s products. There are now just as many hair products for men!

Chris Evans Hair

Hair isn’t just about perfection – the rise in hair trends for both men and women are showing a more rebellious side. The reaction to perfectly kept hair is adding a bit more texture and wave. In the above photo, Chris Evan’s hair sweeps upwards and away from the face. This modern look is reminiscent of the 90’s: experiment with side-parts and hair that is messier than it is sleek. Here are a few other men’s hair trends that you should consult with your Salon Buzz stylist to find the right look for you.

David Beckham Undercut


The undercut is a vintage look popular with celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt, and pairs closely cropped sides with longer strands on the top of the head. The hair can be slicked back for a more classic look, or for those looking for something more contemporary, can tie hair into a top-knot.

Fade Haircut



For those looking for a look more modern take on the conventional “short on back and sides”, consider the fade, where hair tapers in length from top to bottom. The fade can be paired with any type of cut on top, from a natural wave, to a faux-hawk, to a slicked back look, similar to the undercut. Consult your Salon Buzz stylist for the fade the works the best with your hair length and face shape.



The man-bun is a perfect look for those with longer hair looking to mix things up this winter. Popular with celebrities like Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio, the man-bun can be worn a number of different ways, from high and tight to half up/half down.