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Marilyn Monroe: Bleached and Beautiful

Marilyn Monroe’s image never strays too far from Hollywood, with stories based on her life popping up every few years. The recent resurgence includes the movie My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams and NBC’s television show Smash about a musical being made from the story of Marilyn’s life.

Marilyn’s signature bleach blonde color, which consisted of a secret formula, was developed by Gladys Rasmussen. It required hours of time in a salon and frequent upkeep. Her cut ranged anywhere from chin to shoulder length and was parted on the side for ultimate sex appeal. The styling was more easily attained than the color, requiring only a pin curl set, shaking them out, and shaping them in place.

Many celebrities have incorporated Marilyn’s look into their public image: Christina Aguilera, upon the release of her Back to Basics album in 2006; Katherine Heigl, on various red carpets; and Rihanna, rocking a red version of the Marilyn in the past year. Other young starlets have even posed as Marilyn for magazines and advertisements, including Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana and Lindsay Lohan for New York. Paris Hilton even dressed up as Monroe for the release party of “Tease” from her fragrance line.

Thanks to Marilyn Monroe’s sex symbol status, curvaceous women will always be celebrated and old Hollywood glamour emulated in the form of her classic bleached blonde hair and style.

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