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Jim Morrison: Writhing Waves

Known for his swoon-worthy charisma and rebellious antics, Jim Morrison was a sex symbol of the late 1960s who has since become an icon. He was a poet, songwriter, filmmaker, and lead singer of the Doors, a psychedelic rock band out of Los Angeles that took over the charts (and girl’s hearts) with songs like “Light my Fire,” “People are Strange,” “Love me Two Times,” and “Hello, I Love You.”

Morrison’s haircut, which works best for men with curls in the type I to III range, was designed by Jay Sebring, whose client list also included Steve McQueen and Warren Beatty.  Morrison’s hair most likely had some natural wave in it to help show off this cut, but the wave can also be achieved by combing through the hair with the fingers after washing so the texture isn’t flattened.

There are a few different variations to Morrison’s haircut. One is a layered look, often called the Alexander the Great haircut, with razor cut ends that add extra texture. Another convenient look is to have the hair cut the same length all around the head, with the reference length being from the hairline down to the eyebrows.

Some other celebs that have had a similar cuts have also been entitled as sex symbols. Val Kilmer had the style to play Morrison in The Doors 1991 biopic. Also, Russell Crowe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gerard Butler, and crooner Josh Groban have all donned Morrison-like flowing locks.

Morrison’s rock god image is memorable for shirtless poses, leather pants, and long wavy locks. He is one of the first that made it more acceptable for men to have longer hair, and he will forever be remembered as a rock style icon.

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