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Halloween Hair Inspiration

Halloween is a great time to dress up and try out new things. You’ve probably spent many Octobers musing over the perfect costume, but have you ever though about a costume for your hair? No, we’re not talking about the quintessential Halloween witches hat or those playboy bunny headbands. We’re talking about spooky Halloween wig sculptures.

Lion Hair

For starters, here’s a lion wig where hair around the crown of the head has been sculpted into a full lion’s head and mane. This one is more artistic than scary.


Halloween Hands

Next up is some hand grabbing hairs. This wig artist sculpted hair from the sides of the head into realistic human hands that appear to be grabbing the face of the wig wearer. This one is definitely creepy and sure to be the talk of the town wherever you celebrate this Halloween.


Medusa Hair

Finally, we have the spookiest wig of all, which reminds us of the receptionist from Monsters Inc. This wig artist sculpted hair from the back of the head into five Medusa-like snakeheads with snarling teeth and flaring tongues.


Which of these spooky, stylish wigs would you wear this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!