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Hair Products: How We Commit to Our Clients

When clients come to us, it’s our responsibility to deliver the best hair care service and maintain integrity with what we do. And one way we show commitment to our client is through the products that we carry, which we trust and believe will benefit them.

Products are important for both styling and hair care. They help create the look that a client envisions, to fit her personality and overall style. Products also maintain hair health and beauty by repairing or supporting the hair, giving it movement and shine so that it doesn’t look dry and dull.

With so many products out there on the market, people often wonder why we carry certain product brands and not others. Our criteria is based on whether a brand’s values aligns with ours. In a way, the product lines we choose should be representative of the Salon Buzz brand. How does the brand market itself to the consumer public, and is that our target customer base? Additionally, I wanted a brand that had a strong research and develop department. I knew early on that I wanted to partner with a brand that could be of resource to us, and utilize their resources to educate and train my staff.

Different product lines carry several products that all do similar things for the hair across a wide range of prices, and a client may find that an $8 shampoo and a $40 shampoo both may have some of the same ingredients. But the difference in a low-end versus a high-end product is the quality of the ingredient, and it’s that high level of quality that will affect how the product responds to the hair. We’re by no means elitist; we’re just trying to target a specific audience and find the products that will best work with their hair.

To help the client choose the right product, we as hairdressers need to know the product inside out, and also be considerate of the client’s hair and habits. What is the product made of? What is it made to do for the hair? Can the client’s hair handle multiple products at once? Combining product knowledge and assessment of the client’s needs through consultations, we can then decide what is the best product for each client.

In the end, we want clients to leave the salon with the knowledge of how to maintain their salon look on their own, out of the salon. By offering clients the brands that we believe in, we are able to provide them with the products that will ensure the integrity, health and beauty of their hair.

Photo Credit: Salon Buzz