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Hair Extensions: Instant Length, Volume and Confidence

For women who are looking for an instant transformation, hair extensions give a feminine, glamorous change while bringing new life to the hair. By seamlessly blending in with the client’s existing hair, extensions are a safe, non-invasive enhancement that give hair the substance and texture that the client ordinarily wouldn’t have.

With extensions, short hair can turn into long, flowing locks, and thin hair can become voluminous and have more body. Extensions are also versatile to create different styles and updos. Made from 100% human hair, they can be curled or flat ironed to give hair the “oomph” factor it needs. As every client has a unique taste in style, consultations help decide which type of extensions will fit best. Upon experiencing the immediate transformation, clients can feel gorgeous and confident with their new look.

Judy, a long-standing client of mine, had a very classic, short hairstyle but was looking for an instant newer, longer look. Within several hours, extensions changed her hair from chin length to almost elbow length. One year later, we removed Judy’s extensions to reveal the look that she had been hoping for.

Judy was so thrilled with her new look and shares her experience with the extensions:

Extensions allowed me to “stay gorgeous” while completely transforming my look. They instantaneously gave me long blonde locks, which blended so perfectly with my own hair that everyone thought it was all mine. I was absolutely thrilled with the result and received rave reviews for my versatility of styles, which included everything from smooth and sleek to fashionably wavy, or playful updos. The extensions also allowed me to grow my own hair through the awkward shoulder length stage without ever feeling “in between” dos. The extensions not only helped me achieve instant results, but also helped me transition from a healthy stylish short hair to a longer, sexier, more fun look and feel just like I had in college. 


Staying gorgeous isn’t just about the physical transformation. More importantly, it’s about the transformation within of renewed confidence and positivity. And as stylists, it’s our biggest reward to know that our clients are walking out of the salon feeling good about themselves.

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