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Good Morning Gorgeous: Glamour Morning, Noon, & Night

Fashion designers debut an annual collection entitled “Resort Wear.” This is their opportunity to create a line that is fun, unique and glamorous, aside from the expected day and evening wear. True to its name, these looks are inspired by warmer climates. In addition to exemplify afterhours luxury, the pieces are also considered daywear. This line is most often debuted with the Spring collections, although more designers are opting to include a portion of it earlier within the Fall shows. The early forecast signifies more women are readily seeking a glamorous daytime look. Resort wear need not be reserved for a holiday out of town, but considered in addition to a seasonal wardrobe. Above is Lanvin’s 2013 resort wear, chic and business savvy.


Valentino’s 2013 Resort Wear reflects the trademarks of the collection’s concept: playful and colorful, intended for women to feel beautiful all day long. His collection is tied together by an ever classic form-flattering silhouette, although each piece contains its own exclusive color and texture. Hair and makeup with this look remain consistently elegant, with the appearance of ease and effortlessness to carry throughout the entire day.


Several designers are currently showing dresses and separates with embellishments; beading, gemstones, and brocade material. Prada’s 2013 Resort collection goes above and beyond its traditions, featuring individual bold accessories. One or more pieces of statement jewelry easily amplifies the glamour factor to any look, given the hair and outfit are neutral so not to compete. Great or small, accessories are a significant element and an exemplary way to update any wardrobe.

Anna dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is a living testament to daytime glamour year round. She is currently the creative consultant and editor of Vogue Japan, with lineage back toVogue Italia during the Italian designer explosion of the 1980s. Dello Russo’s early career and passion developed based on what she calls “the Golden Age of Italian Fashion,” following the original works of Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Armani, and Missoni. “Usually, you put on your best clothes to go out at night, and you feel fantastic. But why wait?  Why shouldn’t we wear our best clothes in the morning? I love evening clothes for day because the sun emphasizes their beauty and silhouette.”

Regardless of locale and season, glamour is most acceptable any time of day. Any piece that makes one feel glamorous indefinably makes one feel gorgeous.

Photo Credits: Million Looks, Fashion Inquiry, Fashionologie, The Coolturizer

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