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From Inner to Outer Beauty: Nail Trends for 2012

With the arrival of the spring/summer season, it’s important more than ever to exfoliate the winter skin and have healthy, moisturized hands, feet and nails, since they’ll be more exposed without the winter gloves and boots. Hands act as an extension of ourselves, as we use them to express ourselves and interact with people within a close distance. And feet are our foundation – we’re always on our feet and they provide support the rest of our body.

A manicure and pedicure is essentially the act of taking good care of your hands, feet and nails. Well-manicured hands and well-pedicured feet are inviting, as they give a glimpse inside the person. When people feel good about themselves, they take good care of themselves and that inner positivity will also radiate on the outside. The skin will look soft and clear, and the nails will be all uniform and pristine.

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With a good foundation of healthy skin and nails, colored nails are the perfect accessory to express personal style for every woman of any generation and profession. The trends for the 2012 spring/summer season are bright, bold colors with an added dimension of shimmers and glitters. Individuality is an important factor, and going into the next two seasons, nail colors should speak to your inner voice of personality, style and creativity.

We’re also seeing the resurgence of sophisticated art on the flair nail, which is a single nail that has a bit of pop to bring out one’s personal style. The art can be as simple as a different shade, some extra shimmer, a simple rhinestone or a French tip, and it can give a subtle or dramatic accent on the nail.

No matter what colors you choose to accessorize your nails, the most important thing is to maintain your hands, feet and nails. Rather than having a Band-Aid as your spring/summer accessory, protect your hands and feet to ensure glowing, shining skin. Ultimately, the way we treat and care for ourselves will radiate throughout our body.

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