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Fall/Winter 2012 Hairstyles: Return to the Classics

Great trends are memorable, lasting in people’s minds even after the season has passed. And new trends draw upon the past, appearing again for the upcoming season with a new modern edge. This season is all about bringing back some of the classics hairstyles from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

I had a conversation with Salon Buzz stylist Joseph Bartucci to discuss the four hairstyles we should be on the lookout for in the upcoming fall/winter 2012 season.

1. 70s Center Part

AZ: The center part we will be seeing this season stems from the iconic look from the 70s, when hair was changing from being voluminous and textured to becoming flatter and matted. The center part became prevalent as it was very low maintenance, while creating a very natural look with hair falling down naturally from the center part.

JB: Yes, I think the center part became a prevalent trend in the 70s because of its simple, natural look and its “wash-and-wear” style. The change from frizzy/curly to straight most likely started with the Europeans, who began to wear their hair straight. The US caught on the trend, and women began to iron their hair to create that matte look. The center part was seen mostly with blondes with straight hair during this time, bringing to life the “Golden Blonde Era” of hair in the 70s.

AZ: Today, the style returns with a modern twist, where we’re seeing the center part combined with not just straight hair that’s down, but also with curly hair and updos. The center part is such an appealing look, as it gives off a carefree yet bold statement.

JB: The center part also brings a more definitive shape to the face, and women want to bring back this 70s style to recreate that subtle, clean-line geometry. We’re seeing it with Katie Holmes on the cover of ELLE magazine, as well as with Kate Moss, Dakota Fanning and Sofia Vergara.

curls with center part fall winter hair 2012 salon buzz


2. Curls

JB: The fall/winter curls play off the ethereal feel of the faux bob we saw in the spring/summer 2012 season. This upcoming season, the curls imitate a walking cloud. Again, we’re returning back to the 70s with the fuzzy, frizzy texture.

AZ: The curls also have a bit of 60s influence with the silver screen glamour, with the 60s soft waves inspiring the fluffy, textured look we will see this season. Adding more texture to the curls gives off a more modern interpretation to the look to give off a more natural, airy look.

JB: The texture can be created with a curling iron, making richer curls that stand out. Then by brushing and backcombing the hair, you get the fluffy, cloud-like feel. The curls look best on long hair, where you can more movement and rotation of the curl.

For our photoshoot,  we wanted to create an innocent, youthful feel. The curls give off an ethnic boho feel and exhibits a lot of personality – they’re spunky and playful. We added the center part to have a bit of the 70s feel, but put the part a bit off center to soften the overall look (see photo above).

curls blowout fall winter hair 2012 salon buzz

curly hair fall winter hairstyle 2012 salon buzz


3. Precision Hair

AZ: We’ll also see the return of the precision haircut this season, with the strong, geometrical lines and fringe as seen on the runway.

JB: The style is very fashion-forward, which goes back to the context of when Vidal Sassoon first introduced precision haircutting. In the 60s when everyone else was putting their hair up in bouffants, he wanted to do something different. He was focused on bringing geometry to the face through the bob lines and the 5 point cut.

AZ: Today, the precision cut returns in several variations, with different hair lengths and the fringe. It can look very similar to the original Vidal Sassoon style or be more current with either bold, extreme lines or softer, flattering lines.

JB: Thanks to the newer tools and products, we can create new textures and shape for a more modern look to the precision cut, such as curly hair that holds a distinct shape and volume. Just as Grace Coddington and Peggy Moffit established themselves as fashion icons with their precision cut, the women who want the cut today show that they’re very fashion-forward, wanting to go with the latest trend that’s in style. Style icons like Rihanna, Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan have already been ahead of the trend.

AZ: Absolutely. This cut is very fresh and modern, so it takes a type of confidence for women to wear the cut.

precision haircut blunt bangs fall winter 2012 hair salon buzz

4. Bouffants

AZ: The bouffant is a classic from the 50s and 60s, and classics never go away, which is why we still see this look today.

JB: Yes, what’s old is now new. The bouffant is essentially hair piled up on the head, with a few strands falling along the sides. Historically, the style was seen by Cleopatra, the Romans adn Greeks, and Marie Antoinette. But it was Jackie Kennedy who really brought the style to popularity, bringing the elegance and sophistication that’s associated with the look.

AZ: Texture creates the modern twist for the classic bouffant, where the hair is crimped. The bouffant can also be worn to replicate the 60s look, and it can be worn looser or be combined with a fringe or braid. And with the accent of bold bangs, the bouffant can have a more modern edge.

JB: There are so many variations with texture. In addition to the crimped or gritty feel, the bouffant can have a polished, sculpted look with the help of gel and products, or it can be backcombed for a softer look.

In our photoshoot, we also played around with volume. We placed the volume at the very top of the head, and let down longer strands on the sides. We also integrated some precision lines with the fringe, which gave more defined lines and shape (see last photo below).

AZ: The resulting look is very polished and high fashion with a “straight-off-the-runway” feel.

JB: Yes, the combination of the different trends creates a very intentional yet cohesive look.

bouffant hair trend fall winter 2012 salon buzz

bouffant with precision blunt bangs fall winter 2012 hair salon buzz


This fall/winter is about the return to the classics, all with a modern twist that gives a more sophisticated edge. By tastefully integrating the different trends into one hairstyle, you end up with a very well thought-out, well put look.

With the Salon Buzz focus on elegance and sophistication, we create styles that translate looks from the runway into something that people can relate to and wear. And whatever the style, we make sure the look suits the woman’s face shape and radiates her personality.

Photo Credit: Joseph Bartucci for Salon Buzz