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Corri McFadden: Ambassador of the Gorgeous Lifestyle

Inspirations for staying gorgeous can come from anywhere, whether it be from a celebrity’s latest hairstyle or an individual’s fashion sense, and each of these inspirations help shape our lifestyle to make us more gorgeous. One of our clients at Salon Buzz (who’s also a fan of our Stay Gorgeous blog!) has a unique business that redefined the consignment industry, and as an ambassador of fashion and the gorgeous lifestyle herself, she essentially helps provide that gorgeous lifestyle for her clients. We had the opportunity to speak with Corri McFadden to learn about her luxury designer consignment business eDrop-Off.

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SB: As a consignment business, eDrop-Off coordinates the buying and selling of luxury items on eBay. Tells us a bit more about eDrop-Off.

CM: I started e-Drop off nearly eight years ago, and we specialize in reselling designer and luxury items. For anything that has been taking up closet space but you never wear – clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories – it’s better to turn these items into cash and use that cash for something you can actually use.

We also offer closet consultation. Serving as a voice of reason, we come to you to help clean out your closet. We have drop off locations in Chicago and we also offer free nationwide pick-up to make the whole process convenient for you.

SB:  eDrop-Off is now a multi-million business. What do you think keeps your business so successful?

CM:  Similar to Salon Buzz, it’s about the “feel good” experience you create that keeps people coming back. I knew I had to redefine the consignment industry and break the misconceptions that came along with it. I built a service that was efficient and easy so that everyone could use it. Selling something you didn’t use anymore was not because you needed money; instead, it was you being smart with your closet. And I wanted the idea of selling something to be a part of your day, rather than being an interruption. I also developed a closet clean service, where I could step out of my store and step into my client’s space, which created a trust factor and help me obtain more goods.

SB: How do you think eDrop-Off allows people to stay gorgeous?  

CM: We have a healthy circle of clients both on the selling and buying side. On the selling side, clients are feeling gorgeous with clean closets. Everyone starts his or her day in the closet, and it’s important to get rid of the clutter and have a clean, current closet that reflects who they are today. By getting money back for the items that they’re essentially done with, clients feel good for being smart with their money.

On the buying side, we offer merchandise to clients who may not be able to own designer clothing at designer prices, or to clients who are looking for designer goods that are no longer available in the stores. For those who want to be fashionable and want to wear designer clothing, they feel good upon purchasing these goods that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

As a company, we’re also green and smart with the environment. We recycle over 300,000 pounds of clothing and accessories.

SB: Looking ahead, what do you think will be next for eDrop-Off? 

With my new VH1 show House of Consignment, I’m excited to bring eDrop-Off to the national forefront and show it as a service that everyone needs. It’s a service you don’t realize you need until you hear about it. And I want to serve as an inspiration. I came from a middle class family, and I made something out of nothing because I followed my dreams and worked really hard.

We’re constantly doing new things, including a launch of an ambassador program. We also have someone cleaning closets full time in New York and we hope to expand and clean closets around the country. I am also launching a jewelry collection next month.

We’re looking to pioneer the marketplace, and as long as you concentrate on your niche and your deal, everything works. I feel like I’m on the right path and doing what I’m supposed to be doing. If things arise and if they’re a fit, I’ll do them. Wherever things take me is wherever I’ll go.


Not only does Corri herself embody Salon Buzz’s “Stay Gorgeous” message, we’re thrilled that she passes that message onto others to help them obtain a gorgeous lifestyle through her consignment business. We wish her continued success with eDrop-Off and all of her upcoming projects!

Photo Credit: VH1

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