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Client Appreciation

In spirit of Client Appreciation Week at Salon Buzz, we’d like to take a moment to honor you, our clients, and document your utmost importance.

Basically said: you make Salon Buzz. Thanks to your patronage and loyalty, the tireless and artful dedication I put into managing, owning and building the salon is forever rewarded. Without you Salon Buzz can’t exist; the dream and integrity of Salon Buzz lives on because of your involvement.

It is our duty to help you feel great and improve your self-image. As stylists, we aim to deliver unmatched hair care service and give precise attention to your every need. From top to bottom, our staff is trained to always place the customer first.

As a customer-centric organization, the staff and I are constantly asking: “How can we make your experience even better?” In the world of high-end hairstyling, a certain pre-determined notion of high quality service is expected. At Salon Buzz, we’re at least one step ahead, always planning our next “wow” moment. Our attempts at surpassing client expectations come in many forms and actions, in hair and beyond, in grand and small ways. Every time we exceed your expectations, the window of creating that “wow” factor gets smaller and smaller. And that’s just one of the welcome challenges we face daily that shape us into better stylists and service providers.

At Salon Buzz, we recognize the delicate relationship that exists between stylist and customer, which is precisely why I stress professionalism. Wellness may be the most personal of all services people seek. In order to ease concerns and prove our excellence, every one of our staff members keeps a keen focus on providing expert and professional service at all times. And returning to the same bottom line: we are committed to your well-being. Our professional care is defined by your personal experience.

You mean the world to us. We hold Client Appreciation Week twice a year as an opportunity to say thanks, and we do so in multiple ways. We pass savings, provide gifts and make available limited edition products all to show our undying gratitude. And, because our appreciation goes much deeper than just two weeks, we’re busy working on a loyalty program to give back every day. After all, we recognize your ability to choose. Thanks for choosing Salon Buzz.