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Chocolate and Wine: Indulge Your Sense of Taste with Two of The Season’s Hottest Shades

Valentines Day may be over, but for many of us high-quality chocolates and delectable wines are year-round favorite treats when we want a taste of luxury with a sultry, slightly sinful edge. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that rich chocolate browns and deep red wines are two of the hottest hair colors for 2014. The best part may be that this trend can be adapted for any personality type and suit nearly any skin tone, with a range of looks from subtle, natural-looking hues that freshen up your style, to dramatic, deep brunettes and bold, showstopping reds. As a little food-for-thought, here are some of our favorite chocolate and wine-inspired looks for every skin tone:


If your skin color is very light and your natural hair color light as well, a softer mocha or milky-chocolate shade will be most flattering for you. If you’re on the pale side but your hair is naturally dark, chose a chocolate within a few shades of your color for the best results. For medium toned skin, medium to medium-dark shades are a good bet. Darker skin tones are well-complemented by the deepest dark chocolates in the color spectrum, so don’t shy away from going bold! For same-length hair and blunt cuts, a powerful monochromatic color really stands out, but women with layered locks might think about talking to their Salon Buzz stylist to mix things up with notes of butterscotch, toffee or caramel to your cocoa in an ombre effect.


Jessica Alba Hair


Think like a sommelier; but instead of pairing a bottle for a meal with friends, find a varietal to complement your skin tone. For more subtle looks, light skinned ladies should stick with a light-bodied wine tone (think “Beaujolais”). Medium-tones bode well with medium-bodied spicy shiraz or cabernet (such as Demi Lovato in the image below). If your skin tone is darker, look to rich burgundies and merlot hues for a full-bodied effect. On the other hand, if you want a can’t-miss-me dramatic look to match your bold personality, take the opposite approach and choose a color well outside of natural bounds.

Demi Lovato Hair

Mixed Flavors:

Love chocolate and wine equally? Why choose between the two, when you can work both at the same time? Ashanti’s dual-tone ombre below is just one of many ways you can blend colors. All over highlights or lowlights, or a few bold wine streaks blended in with chocolate tresses might be just the style boost you’ve been looking for.

Ashanti Hair

Indulge your sense of style this season and feel as delicious as wine and chocolate with one of these hot hair colors, or in any other shade that shows off your personal style.