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Michelle Williams fall headband fashion_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Headbands: The Hottest Hair Accessory for Fall 2013

Headbands, once largely the terrain of young girls, have steadily increased in popularity and visibility over the last several years, first in the form of ballerina-style elastics, then “flower-child” versions with feathers and beads, and of course, spring 2013’s Great Gatsby-inspired looks. This year, headbands […]

Mila Kunis brunette fall hair color_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Magnificent, Multi-Toned Hair: The Must-Have Look for Fall 2013

The hottest trends in hair color for fall 2013 bid adieu to dramatic, one-dimensional shades and capture the warm, multi-tonal type of beauty abundant in nature every autumn, adding a subtle yet eye-popping brilliance and lustre to any head of hair. Consult with your stylist […]

Fall Winter Nail Trend_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Completing the Look: Nail Trends for Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Nails are on their way to being at the forefront of the fashion industry. With New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 putting bigger focus on nail fashion, nails are playing a more integral role in finishing the total look. For the upcoming fall/winter season, glitz […]

Blake Lively side braid_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Casually Elegant Hairstyles for The Summer’s Steamiest Days

Summer is the time for festive outdoor occasions, garden parties, evening strolls, and patio dates with that special someone. Unfortunately, the hot and humid summer weather isn’t always conducive to the perfect hair day, and many styles that dazzle at parties throughout the rest of […]

Pulled Back and Polished

What is polished? To me it is something that sparkles. Polished hair gives the look of refinement, control, and elegance in any surrounding. For special events, there’s no question polished hair will be a good look. Women who go for polished styles want to look […]

men polished hairstyles_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Men Who Know What They Want, Want Polished Hair

Last winter we noted how polished hairstyles for men had made a comeback for red carpet events such as the 55th Grammy Awards. After years of shaggy, spiky, and other free-flowing styles, men who adopted refined, well-groomed hairstyles not only stood out from the crowd; they […]

summer hairstyles sleek wet look_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Refreshing Summer Styles

We saw a lot of marriage last year of polished and casual summer hairstyles, but this season we’re seeing less combination. It’s either sleek, or beach-y looking hair. These two hot summer looks are inspired by the cooling effects of water, but they take concept […]