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Fall/Winter 2012 Hairstyles: Return to the Classics

Great trends are memorable, lasting in people’s minds even after the season has passed. And new trends draw upon the past, appearing again for the upcoming season with a new modern edge. This season is all about bringing back some of the classics hairstyles from […]

Staying Gorgeous: Taking Care of Ourselves

Part of the “stay gorgeous” lifestyle consists of taking time to wind down to take care of ourselves. And we commonly use the phrase “Take care” to others. But what does it mean to truly take care of ourselves? For me, I believe the term […]


NYFW 2012 Fall/Winter Hairstyles – Whimsical and Girly

Earlier this month, NYFW 2012 presented us with the newest fall/winter looks, and overall, the hairstyles were very girly and soft, without a lot of “vavoom” of extreme volume and texture. Here are some styles that definitely caught my eye. Modern faux bob At Rodarte, […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Often times, we are so caught up in a whirlwind of work that we lose focus on the things that really matter. We believe Valentine’s Day is a time to take a breather and celebrate the relationships we have with others in as many ways […]

Red Color of Romance and Love_Salon Buzz

The Power of the Color Red

The color red – we see it everywhere in pop culture, fashion and beauty. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, the color of romance is more present than ever from red roses to a red box of chocolates. Red is undoubtedly a powerful color, and […]

Street Fashion: Breaking Out Individuality

As much as I, along other hairdressers and fashion designers, find new ideas from collections on the runway, we also look to street fashion to see what’s next. Especially for hairdressers, we are always in search of the next new thing when working with a […]

Hair Products: How We Commit to Our Clients

When clients come to us, it’s our responsibility to deliver the best hair care service and maintain integrity with what we do. And one way we show commitment to our client is through the products that we carry, which we trust and believe will benefit […]