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Behind the Shears Part 4: Delivering the Brand

Customer care is the most important thing for all of us. Any entrepreneur will tell you that without customers, you don’t have a business. So I make sure that I pass that knowledge to the staff. We all understand that each and every one of us are running a small business within the business. So without the customers, they won’t have a business either, and consequently, the salon itself won’t have a business.

My management team and I treat my employees as an internal client, and we want to make sure that employees are treated well. When they feel good about working at the salon, they will transfer that experience and that feeling to the client. Telling them is one thing, but letting them experience the care, love and interest in their well-being will automatically pass down that feeling to the customer, making them feel good as well.

We’re committed to both the client and the craft, and our goal is to maintain integrity with what we do. We always look to offer our clients the best from hair care to quality of work.

We want to deliver the best and latest hairdressing and services but at the same time, we also want clients to understand our integrity. We don’t do things just to sell it but we do things because we believe in it and because we believe it will benefit our clients.

Customers are well-aware that we’re a very close group, that we all care about each other. And they also know that our most important focus is to take good care of our customers and be able to deliver above and beyond their expectations.

As the salon continues to grow, I see it maintaining its status of a world-class salon. We know there’s always room for improvement because there’s always something new going on, so we continuously try to improve the way we do things. You have to be able to run in order to walk in this industry because things are constantly changing. If you don’t stay on the forefront of your game, somebody else is going to take your status away from you.

Coming into this industry, I knew I had what it took to make it through, but it’s been a continuous learning curve and the experience has made me better in what I do as a hairdresser and as a salon owner. I’m constantly looking forward to new opportunities for improvement and change, and knowing that I’ve grown so much in 13 years, I’m excited to find out how my salon, my team and I will evolve in the next 20 years to come.