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Behind the Shears Part 3: The Rewards of Being a Salon Owner

The experience of being a salon owner has been an incredible journey. Every day is a different day with new experiences. And at the end of it all, I’m most proud of my employees. I have a great staff and great technicians. I have people that believe in the vision and support it. You can take all the space and glamour and designs away from the salon, but if you leave me with my staff, I can rebuild everything all over again. Because I have so much pride in my employees, I hold a great deal of responsibility for all of them and I pay close attention to each and every one of my staff members.

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with aspiring hairdressers, showing what I’ve learned with the craft and sharing with them advice on how to become a great hairdresser. And it’s an amazing feeling when, 10 years later, I watch my apprentices who came to me to start off their own career do phenomenal work and become professionals and earn a great living. To see such growth in these people, that is the greatest payoff for me, and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be an influence and mentor throughout their career.

Not only has it been rewarding to see the professional growth at Salon Buzz, it has also been rewarding to know that each and every one of us here at the salon has had an influence in making Salon Buzz what it is now. Although I have my own vision, I never want to be an island of my own. I know that everyone also holds their own visions, and I’m open to what my staff has to say and believe.

We also look at outside sources for inspiration. I look to other brands that I admire such as Tom Ford, YSL and Alexander McQueen. I also look at the Elysian, Four Seasons and Sofitel and see how they do things, from hospitality to the fashion world. And I definitely admire some hairdressers who held high standards, such as my mentor John Sahag. I learned that if you have certain beliefs, you’ve got to stick with them. At the salon, we all look at others to be inspired, to learn what makes them great and then be able to utilize their strength and vision and apply it to our own goals to push the envelope forward.