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Behind the Shears Part 2: From Vision to Reality

Once I decided to open up a salon, my next challenge was to come up with a name for it. I didn’t want the salon to hold just my name; I didn’t want to limit the name to something that was solely dependent on me. I wanted a name that would make everyone feel like they all work for a company that represents them as a whole.

I came across an article in Inc Magazine one day and saw an article on a niche marketing firm talking about how they created buzz around their clients. When I saw the word “buzz,” I immediately liked the connotations of the word of creating excitement and talk about a salon that focuses on the craft of hairdressing. But the name “Buzz” on its own didn’t feel complete. So I thought of other words to complement it such as “coiffure” and “studio.” I wanted to keep the name simple and concise and finally settled on the name “Salon Buzz.”

The first Salon Buzz location in Chicago opened in September 1998, and the second location opened four years later in May of 2002. Throughout the years, we’ve seen unbelievable growth with Salon Buzz. What started off with 5 people has grown to a team of 125 employees. And with the help of my team, we’ve finally arrived at my original vision of creating a salon that’s strongly founded on principles of teamwork and education, but it took 13 years to get to where we are now. Arriving at the vision wasn’t without a series of learning curves, and the learning hasn’t ended. Although the salon has evolved and improved, and although I’ve learned so much throughout my career as a salon owner, I know that there is still so much more for me to learn.

Although the effort of achieving my vision is great, the effort of maintaining it is even greater. My management team and I, we work hard to maintain what we have and to continue to grow. And I love innovation, of doing new things. As we start evolving, the vision starts evolving as well. When we conquer one thing, we say, “What’s next? Where are we going with this?” And typically when I have a vision and ready to set sail, I’m already at the next thing. I have put my staff through many challenges and obstacles and they have faced them all, becoming better and stronger out of it. And for that, I’m grateful because they have allowed my vision and my dream to become a reality.