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Be Gorgeous, Be Daring

Personal expression can be manifested through your outward appearance, where you have an open canvas to portray your individuality. The latest trending accessories are fashion statements for the ears.

Diane Kruger, model and actress, is often seen as a traditional with classic, retro beauty in her public life and in character.  There has been a recent flutter of attention caused by the photos of Kruger’s own statement piece of late.  She has delighted fans and fashion lovers with various edgy ear jewelry, such as the “climber” by Chanel, above. Kruger’s – along with Alicia Keys’ and others’ styles – include multiple rings lined up on the outer ear cartilage. These earrings – created by Gaia Repossi, the youngest in a line of Repossi family jewelry designers – are part of larger collection dedicated to the fresh and new,  faux pierced, statement-making accessory.

Alternative earring styles, worn on one ear only, complement the ultra-fashionable side part for spring.  The nature of this ear adornment is quite rare, as this one accessory alone is all that’s needed to make a bold statement.  The ear cuff is versatile, pairing easily with evening and daytime looks.  Smaller, single, non-pierced cuffs or hoops can be added to existing pierced preferences.

Creative thinking – and more importantly, creative doing – has the effect of inspiring others to take confidence with their individuality and create their own personal style.

 “Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.”  -Baltasar Gracian

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