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Aesthetic Euphoria

Beauty, like visual art, is subjective, and it holds the power to impact us in its many forms. We can see, feel or even hear beauty, instilling within us a sense of curiosity, satisfaction or appreciation. A Time to Reflect   Julian Wolkenstein created a […]

James Bond + 1: Red, Blonde, or Brunette?

James Bond, infallible rogue and British Secret Service agent, is a cinematic icon.  The 007 films celebrate 50 years with the November release of Skyfall.  Bond movies are renowned for several signature elements that are beloved by a broad audience: unlimited spy gadgets, a racy […]

Personal Style Part 3: Captivate with Scent, Reminisce, Repeat

The Power of Scents The body’s sense of olfaction, or smell, is a powerful and magnificent instrument. Of the five senses, only scent and taste are processed and stored in memory upon contact. As we are overwhelmed with sight, touch, and sound, they fade into […]

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Patriots Unite: Military Luxe

Fall and winter fashion inevitably includes a new take of the time honored military uniform.  2012 previews revealed an abundance of leather, more fur (Dries Van Noten), endlessly long gloves and metal chains (McQ), and lady like skirts (Ferragamo) than ever before. Military fashion demands […]

Lauren Bacall hairstyle

Lauren Bacall: A True Original

Lauren Bacall, best known for her deep, husky voice, was also an icon for her sultry looks on the silver screen. Portraying various roles from film noir to comedy to musicals, Lauren’s image on the screen and stage immortalized her signature hairstyle. She first caught the […]

Personal Style Part 2: Truth and Dare

(See Part 1.) Being aware of your personal style shows a sense of empowerment.  Bolstering this confidence are the daring women who, on occasion, reveal their other side. Here, for example, the woman above appears quite the different from the majority of her photos or […]

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Personal Style Part 1: Own the Look

Defining your unique style first comes from within. It requires understanding your own sense of style and exhibiting confidence with your individuality. By staying true to your own style, you can then exhibit that confidence on the outside. This week, we spotlight three fashion icons […]