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Chocolate and Wine: Indulge Your Sense of Taste with Two of The Season’s Hottest Shades

Valentines Day may be over, but for many of us high-quality chocolates and delectable wines are year-round favorite treats when we want a taste of luxury with a sultry, slightly sinful edge. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that rich chocolate browns and deep […]

Full On Fringe: Bangs For Any Face

Bangs are back this season, and wispy, layered styles that can be easily blended with the rest of your hair have given way to bold, full-bodied looks worn across the face or swept to the side. Bangs are a great look for any age or […]

Toying with Textures: Mixing and Matching to Create a Signature Look

Toying with Textures: Mixing and Matching to Create a Signature Look One of the season’s most daring–and most fun–looks is multi-textured hair, which has been seen in hair and fashion shows throughout the world this fall. For many people, the idea of pairing curly and […]

Winter Hair Tips

Now that we’re deep into fall, you may have already started planning for the upcoming holiday season, but have you thought ahead for your hair? In colder climates such as Chicago, winter can really wreak havoc, with cold temperatures and dry indoor heat leaving your […]

Style Icon: The Natural Texture of Claire Danes

Three-time Emmy Award, four-time Golden Globe-winning actress Claire Danes is our latest style icon. The thirty-four year old actress became a household name in the 1990s for her realistic portrayal of a high school freshman in coming-of-age television drama My So-Called Life. As she became […]

Breaking Traditions: Princess Diana’s Short “Dos” and Modernizing the Monarchy.

With the upcoming November 1 release of Diana, the Princess Diana biopic starring Naomi Watts, there is no better time to induct the late British princess into the Salon Buzz series of Style Icons. Born Diana Spencer to an aristocratic family, Diana was only 20 […]

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Headbands: The Hottest Hair Accessory for Fall 2013

Headbands, once largely the terrain of young girls, have steadily increased in popularity and visibility over the last several years, first in the form of ballerina-style elastics, then “flower-child” versions with feathers and beads, and of course, spring 2013’s Great Gatsby-inspired looks. This year, headbands […]